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Upholstery Supplies
We have an extensive range of Upholstery Supplies offered to you in the following categories:

Adhesives and Aerosols
Tools and Needles
Springs and Webbing
Legs, Castors and Glides
Pipings and Edging
Linings and Stuffing

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  Adhesives and Aerosols        
  Adhesive   Adhesive Aerosol   Silicons and Aerosols
Spray contact adhesive – 20L and 200L pails, in red and clear.

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  Adhesive Aerosol
3M spray adhesive – 74 Foam Fast,
76 High Tack, 77 Multi-Purpose,
700 Cleane rand Solvent.
  Silicons and Aerosols
Range of silicone and non-silicone lubricants in aerosol spray cans.

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  Tools and Needles        
  Button Press   Button Die Cutters   Button Moulds
  Button Press
Handy no.1 Button Press. Use with 2 piece dies and cutter set for covering buttons.
  Button Die and Cutters
Two piece die set with cutter for use with handy no.1 press.
  Button Moulds
Button Moulds – backs and tops in size 22, 30, 36 and 45.
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  Cutting Nippers, Webbing Pliers and Duckbill Pliers   Knives   Needles
  Cutting Nippers, Webbing Pliers and Duckbill Pliers
L-R. 91 Cutting Nipper – for cutting hog rings and wire. View larger image +
Various cutters and knives – snap off blade replacement packs also available in 10, 50 or 100 packs.
Needle Cards – K1 – General purpose needle kit.
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  Packing Needles and Skewers   Pliers, Hog Ring and 3 Prong Clip   Osborne Tools
  Packing Needles Skewers
and Regulators

Packing or Bag needles (4” to 10”)...
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  Pliers Hog Ring and 3 Prong ClipHog Ring pliers – with opening or closing springs.
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  Osborne Tools
Comprehensive range carried in stock.
  Ripping Chisel / Combination Tool   Shears   Shears Wiss
  Ripping Chisel / Combination ToolRipping Chisel (top) with chisel edge and forged steel blade.
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Mundial and Sterling shears – 9” to 12”, regular and heavy duty blades, steel and rubber handles.
  Shears Wiss
World's finest WISS shears – 8”, 10” and 12” in regular and heavy duty blades.
  Staple and Tack Removers   Staples and Staple Guns   Osborne B1 Upholstery Kit
  Staple and Tack Removers
(From top) 120.5 Staple Lifter with correct angle for removing staples.
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  Staples and Staple Guns
Pneumatic staple guns – 14, 71 and 80 series. Staples carried in these series also from 4mm to 14mm.
  Osborne B1 Upholstery Kit
Contains all the tools and needles needed to carry out home upholstery repairs.
  Upholstery Hammers   Webbing Stetchers    
  Upholstery Hammers
(From left) 33 Bronze Magnetic Hammer...
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  Webbing Stetchers
(From left) 205 Webbing Stretcher – safe – no sharp teeth...
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  Springs and Webbing
  Clips 3 Prong   Clips EK   Clipstrip
  Clips 3 Prong
For use with 445-3 Spring Pliers for joining wire.
  Clips EK
EK Clips for attaching Zig Zag Springs.
OKE Clipstrip for attaching Zig Zag Springs.
  Spring Swivel Rocker Box   Spring Rocker   Spring Zig Zag Lengths
  Spring for Swivel Rocker Box
Replacement Swivel Rocker Springs, small and large.
  Spring Rocker
Rocker Spring Units.
  Spring Zig Zag Lengths
9g Zig Zag Springs 18” to 26”. Low arc (others sizes and gauges made
to order).

  Springs Tension   Webbing Clip   Webbing Elastic
  Springs Tension
11", 16” and 19” Seat Tension Springs. 16” Back Tension Springs.
  Webbing Clip
Metal Webbing Clip for use with Elastic or Rubber Webbing.
  Webbing Elastic
Elastic Seat Webbing x 50mm
and 70mm.
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  Webbing Jute   Webbing Polyprop   Webbing Seatbelt
  Webbing Jute
9Lb and 10Lb Jute Webbing x 50mm 36 yard rolls.
  Webbing Polyprop
Polypropylene Webbing 25mm, 50mm and 75mm. Various colours available.
  Webbing Seatbelt
Seatbelt Webbing black x 50mm
(sold in rolls).
  Webbing Cane Rattan & Pith   Springs Coil    
  Webbing Cane Rattan and Pith
18” and 24” Cane Rattan. 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Pith Cane (beading).
  Springs Coil
Upholstery Springs – hourglass. Height 4” to 10”, gauge 9 to 11.
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  Legs, Castors and Glides        
  50mm Twin Wheel Castor with Pin   50mm Twin Wheel Castor with Plate   Castor Sockets
  50mm Twin Wheel Castor – Pin 50mm Twin Wheel Castor with Pin.
  50mm Twin Wheel Castor – Plate
50mm Twin Wheel Castor with Plate.
  Castor Sockets
Castor Sockets – Metal.
  Glide Nail In   Glide Screw In   Glide Trumpet
  Glide Nail In
3/4” or 7/8”. Available in white, brown or black.
  Glide Screw In
50mm diameter x 16mm, 25mm, 35mm or 50mm high (screw attachment).

  Glide Trumpet
Trumpet Glide with pin 65mm diameter x 50mm high.
  Leg Aluminium Round   Leg Stainless Steel Horizontal   Leg Stainless Steel Round
  Leg Aluminium Round
60mm or 80mm diameter x 100mm high (other sizes made to order).
  Leg Stainless Steel Horizontal
50mm high x 50mm wide x 200mm Brushed S/Steel (other sizes made
to order).
  Leg Stainless Steel Round
50mm or 38mm diameter x 75mm to 150mm high.
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  Leg Stainless Steel Square   T Nuts   Legs Wooden Bun
  Leg Stainless Steel Square
50mm x 50mm x 50 to 150mm high. Brushed S/Steel (other sizes made
to order).
  T Nuts
1/4”, 3/8” or 5/16”.
  Legs Wooden Bun
(L-R) Penang 130mm sq x 45mm high, Round Bun Foot...
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  Legs Wooden Cabriolle   Legs Wooden Round Bun   Legs Wooden Round Tapered
  Legs Wooden Cabriolle
4”, 6” and 9” cabriole legs.
  Legs Wooden Round Bun
Arizona Bun Foot 140mm diam x 45mm high...View larger image +
  Legs Wooden Round Tapered
Round Tapered Legs with 5/16 lag screw – 65mm diam x 140mm high, 85mm diam x 100mm high.
  Legs Wooden Square Tapered        
  Legs Wooden Square Tapered
Square Tapered Legs with 5/16” lag screw – 65mm sq x 140mm high, 85mm sq x 100mm high.
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  Pipings and Edging        
  Piping Polycotton   Piping Plastic   OKE Blind Sean Profile
  Piping Poly and Cotton
Cotton piping – can be used in covers that need washing.
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  Piping Plastic
Hollow plastic piping – black and white. 3mm diameter in 750m rolls. 4mm in 500m rolls.
  OKE Blind Seam Profile
Blind seam for double piping effect.
4, 5, and 7mm profiles in 300m or 200m rolls. View larger image +
  OKE Frame Edges   OKE Frame Edges 2   OKE2785
  OKE Frame Edges
OKE FoamFlex Polypropylene frame edgings in various profiles.

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  OKE Frame Edges 2
OKE FoamFlex Polypropylene frame edgings in various profiles.

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  OKE 2785 Winged Retaining Strip
Hard PP flap with non-woven fabric flange. View larger image +
  OKE 2781 Retaining Strip
Hard PP bead with non-woven fabric flange in 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 40mm widths. 200m rolls.
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  Linings and Stuffing        
  Calicos and Twill Linings   Felt   Hessian
  Calicos and Twill Linings
Calico 36" and 54” wide. Black or unbleached, 60/60 heavy weight.
Furniture Felt 450g x 1800mm.
18oz x 183cm 50mt bolts or per metre. 14 oz x 183cm 50mt bolts only.
  Polyester Fibre   Quilted Calico   Unbonded Fibre
  Polyester Fibre
100gram x 150cm, 50m rolls or
cut length.
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  Quilted Calico
Black Calico / white spun bonded backing with a felt core.
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  Unbonded Fibre
1kg packs / 30kg bales, loose unbonded fibre.
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  Cardboard Sheets and Tracking Strips   Chinagraph Pencils   Christmas Trees Short
  Cardboard Sheets / Tacking Strips
Cardboard Sheets 760 x 1020mm.
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  Chinagraph Pencils
Chinagraph Pencils for marking patterns on shinny surfaces. Pk of 12.
  Christmas Trees Short
Christmas Tree Fasteners various sizes available.
  Christmas Trees Long   Clear PVC   Felt Pens
  Christmas Trees Long
Christmas Tree Fasteners various sizes available.
  Clear PVC
Clear PVC 0.40mm x 1370mm for boat, annexe or windows.
  Felt Pens
Felt Pens black, blue, red and green. Available in box of 12 or Individually.
  Flextrim   Gimp   Hog Rings
Flextrim regular or heavy
(aka Sharktrim and Coverfix).
9940 scroll Gimp Cards and cut lengths. Assorted colours available.
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  Hog Rings
Loose or joined Hog Rings for use with Hog Ring Pliers (see tools section).
  Leads   Leather Marking Pens   Metal Tacking Strip
Omnichrom, Chinagraph or Chalk leads for pattern marking.
  Leather Marking Pens
Leather Marking Pens. Silver for use on leather.
  Metal Tacking Strip
18”, 21”, 24” or 27” Metal Tacking Strips. 27” also available with plastic sleeves.
    Spray Guns   Thread Snips
  Oke Dowells
30mm and 40mm Oke Plastic Dowells for attaching Arm Facings.
  Spray Guns
Spray Guns for use with an Air Compresser for even distribution of Spray Adhesive.
  Thread Snips
Blue metal Thread Snips.
  Threads     Unit Connectors
Polycottons M20, M25 and M36. Assorted colours available.
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  Twist Pins
Twist Pins / Anti Macasa Pins.
  Unit Connectors
Metal or plastic Unit Connectors for joining modular furniture.
  Velcro   Vents Brass   Vinyl
Velcro and Grayline. Hook and loop Fastener, sew on.
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  Vents Brass
Used with Vent Setter – Brass Mattress / Cushion Vents.
Upholstery Vinyl ranges: Supra – commercial grade.
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  Zips   Leather Conditioners & Cleaner   Slipfilm
No 3, 4, or 5 track. Black, white or beige. Zip rolls with Sliders to suit.
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  Leather Conditioners & Cleaner
Leather Conditioning crème and Cleaner – in kits or available individually in a wide range of colours.
Slipfilm for use with vacuum cushion filling machines in widths 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72”.
  Recliner   Nails  
Mechanisms and spare parts for recliners, and sofa beds, with foam and innerspring mattresses.
Upholstery studs in wide range of sizes from 9mm to 25mm in various popular finishes. Sold in packs of 100 or box of 1000. View larger image +
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